Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Reason Behind

NO secret! NO surprise! Nothing to hide because everyone knows...
...I lovePiNk ! ! !

I've always been misjudged by the people around me for being so pink-loving and pink-addict. It's not about being kikay or girly or what, but it really makes me. It's not about getting attention or what, but it completes me. So, what's with the color "pink"??? Wanna know??? According to Word, "pink" is defined as a color made by mixing red and white and sometimes described as being a light red, but it is more accurately a bright undersaturated red. And according to a pocket dictionary, the word "pink" is defined as excellence. And to be honest, I really love this definition because it challenges me to be excellent. But this is not the reason why I really loved pink and still loving it.

The first reason is that I am the only daughter of my parents. So, obviously I was always dressed in pink since I was a baby to be identified as the only girl among my four handsome brothers (I know right! Haha! I'm sure, they'll hate this part). But actually, that reason had never been enough for me to be so committed to this fancy and childish color, as they say, but still I don't accept it. ;)

When I was Grade Four, I started wearing clothes and things with other colors. I think, I've been sicked with it. I've been so used to it that I want to explore other colors, too. I've been like that since I was First Year High School. I also tried to cut my long hair when I was 9 years old to a stylish one that turned out to be like an onion-cut. Haha! Believe me! It was supposed to be a layered one but my hair really looked like an ONION! And I really regretted that moment! Ugh! 

I returned to my true color until I became aware of the importance of the color "pink". And the simplest and most popular way to define it is this: a mixture of red and white. Yes! And I accept it with all my heart. Red symbolizes the love of God through the blood of Jesus Christ that saved me from the penalty of my sins while white symbolizes God's holiness and purity that He's pouring unto me to overcome temptations that would cause me to sin. 

I victoriously claim to be the mixture of God's love and God's holiness. I wholeheartedly and continually claim to be "pink". All of us should claim it! I know that the color may never be your favorite, but I do believe that this color once has touched your life. The color matters to me, not just because it's beautiful and pleasing to the eyes but because of the reason that it reminds me of God's love that I accepted and God's holiness that I should possess. Both are important and none should be defied.
God's love + God's holiness = PINK.

This blog will help us know how to be excellent in everything we do by simply being "piNk"! So, I'm calling out NOT just the girls but ALSO the boys to...

...THINK PINK ! ! ! =)


  1. I'm thinking pink!!!~_~ aww..nice blog!!

  2. by the way, i'll add your link to mine ha? and i'll follow your blog too!!!

  3. me, too! Thank you po ♥
    I'll follow your blogs, too. . .;)

  4. sure "pink" ..:) write more! you're good!:)<3

  5. now I know what's the reason :)) I love your blog :) I didn't know you're blogging na po pala :) God bless