Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Storm can Challenge your Excellency!

Ondoy's Anniversary is a painful reminder of the tragedy that came to the Philippines;
While Pedring is trying to be the repetition of the story.

**want to give credit to GMANEWSONLINE**

Things happen the way they meant to be. They happen for a reason. A reason to remind us that we should take good care of the excellent natural resources God had entrusted us. We always seem to question God for the misfortunes that come along. But the truth is… we, human beings, are the ones who truly destroy the blessings He provided us. Yet I believe we are now aware of our accountability and responsibility to take good of everything we have, and just as we know, we are STARTING to do something about this. 

Let’s just hope and pray that it is not too late for us to make things right.

**I want to send my regards to those who lost their family, friends and possessions because of Ondoy and Pedring.**

Relating to the real storm, a storm can also represent problems that we encounter in life. This can also include the literal storm that floods our houses, suspends our classes and even make us stranded. But we encounter “symbolic” storms differently depending on how we look at each situation. Being excellent won’t stop by becoming excellent, as I explained in my previous posts, and by just giving your best. It also includes making the right choices and sowing the right seeds

            Making the right choices. We can never be perfect and it would be impossible to never commit a mistake. But in every choice, comes consequences, either positively or negatively. The difference is the weight of the result of the choice made. So, we should be very careful on how we put a hand in every situation. The hardest part in making a decision is not distinguishing what is right to what is wrong but determining what is better than what is just can be accepted. We need an intimate prayer and a deep conviction to determine which is more beneficial than what is just okay. To be able to reach excellence, we have to be very conscious on how we make our daily decisions that would lead to…

            Sowing the right seeds. It’s just like this: What you reap is what you sow. Kung anong tinanim mo, sya ring aanihin mo. So, to be able to reap a good harvest, we should sow the right one. Simple but powerful. Let this be true in our lives.

Sow some seed of SMILING
and you will reap the fruit of HAPPINESS from the people around you. 

Sow some seed of LOVE
and you reap the fruit of AFFECTION from the people you showed love to.

Sow some seed of HATRED
and people around will surely HATE you.

Sow some seed of GARBAGE in the canal, 
and you will reap the harvest of CALAMITY.

We will reap MORE than what just what we sow.